Relationships are complex.
Make sharing  finances simple.

CoupleFi is the personal finance app for happy couples.

An asian chinese family moving into new house and received the house key from real estate agent
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Two young gay freelance workers are at home, they are planning budget

From the small stuff to the big picture, we help couples manage their money and build a healthy financial relationship.

Clarify "mine, yours, ours"

No matter how you handle money as a couple, you'll get a holistic picture of your finances. Connect your accounts and track your spending both individually and together.

Communicate effortlessly

Numbers are important, but communication is the foundation of all great relationships. Create notes and memos to keep your partner in the loop and stay out of the “doghouse.”

Get organized

Let's face it; couples can accomplish more together than apart, but it won't happen by accident. Set goals, create budgets, and track financial habits so that you can achieve your shared financial dreams.

Build shared financial perspectives

Our step-by-step guides and tools will help you create a united perspective on money, debt, emergency funds, personal spending, budgeting, and retirement savings.

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